This is our philosophy to training, and adopting the right training methods for improving our life through the development of mindset, fighting skills, and humility.

We focus on training with purpose and understanding the meaning behind our training technique. This develops a sense of personal awareness that is impactful in all areas of our training. When you train the right way, you will develop good habits. These habits will become your instincts. So it is vital that we learn to train with correct technique so that we develop habits that serve us.

We are fighting two battles – internal and external. The inner fight is to overcome self doubt, build up our self worth and have certainty of the person that we are and are becoming. The outer fight is that sense of having strength and fighting skill, to build confidence and inner security. We absolutely must consider the reality of what we are practicing every time we train. We have to appreciate the immense personal responsibility we are placing on ourselves when we are learning a martial art. The thing that we don’t want to do is to gain a false sense of confidence. This is not useful – it will not allow us to gain maximum inner strength.

Goshukan Karate Academy has adopted the symbol of Strength (Chikara) to identify the heart and soul (our purpose) of the club.

The focus is to build people up, to give them both the nurturing environment and the skills and tools to learn and develop fighting skills that will promote self confidence and humility. To inspire absolute strength of both mind and body. 

We are teaching Next Level Karate. This is not about comparing styles or clubs, it is about what you can expect to get from your experience training with our Academy. Whether it’s about your progress and personal development in the art, or how you adopt this attitude outside of the dojo and in all areas of your life, it’s about taking everything that you are and want to become to the next level.

Keep what’s useful, reject what isn’t – in the dojo and in life.

Keep the positive, remove the negative.