The pursuit of excellence and focus on constant improvement keeps us
determined and inspired to continue to reach our
maximum potential.

“My passion for teaching karate and developing people to become strong in all areas of their life has only intensified over the years as I have felt the personal changes within me. From my early days as a teenager I felt an inner strength, a quiet, humble, confidence and sense of self. I did not have to follow the crowd. I learnt to choose which path to follow based on my values and beliefs – all  of which were instilled in me by my family up-bringing and my early karate training. As I have gained more experience, broadened my knowledge, and developed my skills, I have come to realise what is most important in the way of learning, teaching, and developing the core skill sets that are needed to build a strong, focused, confident self… all from studying karate as both an internal and external self development system. My focus is to continue my development, to seek more knowledge and understanding – to learn more, do more, become more – evolve.”

Stacey’s karate journey began in 1984, when as a 12 year old he and his two younger brothers were enrolled in the local Shotokan (Japan Karate Association) club. Stacey’s interest in karate evolved quickly and within 3 years he was awarded black belt (1986). As a junior black belt Stacey amassed multiple Regional, State and National titles, and in 1988 he represented Australia in the JKA World Shoto Cup.

Whilst studying Civil Engineering at the University of S.A. he started training with a new club (Go-Kan-Ryu Karate) and decided to make karate his profession after completing his degree. In 1994 he moved to Sydney and started working with GKR Karate. His karate and leadership skills were noted and was promoted in 1996 to Senior Instructor (NSW/ACT), and again in 2000 to Assistant Chief Instructor / Executive Vice President.

“At 12 years of age I was taken to my first ever karate class at the local Shotokan Karate Club. I fell in love with karate – the dojo etiquette, the respect and courtesy, the mystery of becoming a black belt ‘master’.”

In 2001 Stacey met with senior instructors from Seiwakai Goju Ryu and formed an alliance that would see GKR members take regular trips to Japan to help further knowledge and ties with the Seiwakai Organisation. On their first trip to Chiba, Japan they were introduced to Mr Tasaki (Founder and President of Seiwakai Goju Ryu) and Mr Fujiwara (Vice President Seiwakai Goju Ryu).

Stacey’s love of both Shotokan (Shuri-te) and later the Goju (Naha-te) styles allowed him to greatly advance his knowledge and skills, which influenced the advancement of the kata in the GKR syllabus as well as steer the Goju element of the club towards what was being taught in Japan. His influence and technical prowess was noticed by the Founder of Seiwakai (Shuji Tasaki) and in 2007 Stacey was awarded 5th Dan Seiwakai by Mr Tasaki, and was given the name Goshukan. This was the link that allowed GKR’s students the opportunity to travel to Japan and compete in the All Japan JKF Goju Kai Championships that are held yearly.

In 2013 Stacey was awarded the rank of Renshi in Seiwakai and in the JKF Goju Kai (one of first group of 3 Renshi to be awarded in Australia).

In 2014 Stacey graded to 6th Dan in Seiwakai Goju Ryu, and was successful in achieving 6th Dan with the JKF Goju Kai just 3 days later in Sendai, Japan.

In order to maximise the benefits of learning a martial art like Karate, we must look to question everything that we do. If it works, keep it. If it doesn’t, remove it. So we now remove the unnecessary training methods and put more emphasis on what works, what is effective and efficient. All training must be purpose driven. If a drill or exercise does is not principle based, and does not serve a purpose in the context of what training philosophy or result we are seeking to define, then why do it? Why spend time training our mind and body to do something that has no practical use for us? This mentality creates an awareness within us that seeks to question what we do, so that we are always gauging the process and the progress of our training and development. 
Stacey Karetsian Shihan
Chief Instructor – Goshukan Karate Academy
6th Dan Renshi JKF Goju Kai
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