Learn Karate and Build Strength of Mind, Body and Spirit. Build your Confidence to new and exiting levels and feel totally empowered to achieve new Goals!
There is no age barrier when it comes to your health and well being. Many adults that want to learn a Martial Art feel that they are either too old, too unfit, or they will be the only beginner in the room. These are just fears that are getting in the way of you learning this amazing Martial Art.

The Beginning Is The Most Exciting Part Of The Karate Journey.

Karate training offers unique activity that embraces the positive building blocks of character development, physical development, and emotional development in all practitioners.

Adults classes for all ages, abilities and skill levels!
  • Increased flexibility, muscular strength and tone
  • Learn the skills to defend you and your family
  • Release pent up energy and leave feeling renewed and refreshed
  • Enhanced cardio fitness and general well being

Martial arts is a journey not a destination. Learning a new skills like Martial Arts and Self Defence are so rewarding that you will feel inspired, empowered and totally invigorated!

Start your martial arts journey with our Adults Beginner Course!

Get 4 Classes + FREE Uniform for $39.95!

Why Goshukan Karate Academy?

  • A welcoming, family-friendly environment, instructors and culture that makes our Academy a highly regarded school in the martial arts community.
  • Introductory level martial arts training suitable for all age and ability levels.
  • Train and grade all the way to Black Belt and beyond!
  • Complete flexibility with access to class times to suit you and your schedule so there’s no excuses!
  • State of the art facility, affiliated with the NSW and Australasian Federation of Traditional Karate (AKTF) and the Japan Karate Federation (JKF) GojuKai.

Get 4 Classes + FREE Uniform for $39.95!

Get 4 Classes Plus FREE Uniform $39.95 (Total value $160)

Our karate academy locations


Seven Hills

3/17 Stanton Road
Seven Hills NSW 2147
View Karate Seven Hills


Unit 4 / 1 Field Close
Moorebank  NSW 2170
View Karate Liverpool

Gold Coast

180 Monaco Street
Broadbeach Waters QLD 4218
View Karate Gold Coast

Clear Island Waters

Casey Hall St.Vincents School
22 Fairway Dr, Clear Island Waters QLD 4226
View Karate Clear Island Waters


Pimpama Sports Hub
139 Rifle Range Rd Pimpama QLD 4209
View Karate Pimpama

Forrest, ACT

Forrest Primary School
9 Hobart Ave, Forrest ACT
View Karate Canberra

Pearce, ACT

The Pearce Centre,
Collett Place, Pearce ACT
View Karate Canberra

What our members have to say about us


Goshukan Karate Academy IconGoshukan Karate Academy

3/17 Stanton Road, Seven Hills

5.0 109 reviews

  • Avatar Dan Paje ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    This has been a really great class thus far to improve both my fitness and confidence in myself! From just the physical training and being a lot more fitter and flexible than before, but the teachers and the people are great as well in … More training and to become great friends with!
  • Avatar R Gupta ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Shivansh has been attending the academy for a few years now, started with the junior program and is currently doing the senior kids program and it is amazing to see his growth over this period. Shihan & his team are doing a fantastic … More job with the kids, teaching them techniques, focus & discipline at the same time making it fun for them.
  • Avatar Ramya Dakshin ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    My son, Rishi has been attending classes here for almost a year and the improvements I see in him in respect to his body posture, discipline and the way he actively engages with everyone in this tight knit community is actually very good. … More I appreciate master and his team for the way they interact with these kids, how they know everyone by their names and the mutual respect they have for this class is commendable. Thank you for doing what you do and we appreciate it very much 👏🏼
  • Avatar George Amaladass ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Geoffrey was very weak and I thought he needs to improve his stamina but I didn't know what was the best way to do. As I was browsing around online, I came across Goshukan karate academy, Seven hills. With a lot of doubts I called … More them and asked as if they would accept my 6 years old playful son and put him under 8 year classes. Without any hesitant , they accepted him into their academy . Well, today after a year with them , I am proud to say that I can see a lot of improvements in him , physically and mentally . He is a good listener now. His stamina level has improved in which it helps him to do well in soccer . He is stronger and behaving well these days. I would recommend this academy to anyone who would like to have their kids grow well physically or mentally.
  • Avatar Huzefa Mansoor Ali ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Our whole family with kids has been attending Goshukan Karate Academy in Seven Hills for over a year and it has been such a positive experience for all of us.
    One of the standout features of the club is its well-structured training program.
    … More This structure not only provides a clear path for skill development but also ensures that students, including our kids, can progress at their own pace while mastering the fundamentals of karate. The classes are scheduled throughout the week. This availability makes it convenient for busy families like ours to find suitable training times. Our children have gained confidence, improved their standing and walking stance, and developed better behaviour through their karate training. These life skills are invaluable and will serve them well in various aspects of their lives. As a parent, witnessing such positive changes in our kids is incredibly rewarding, and it's a testament to the effectiveness of the training provided by the academy.
    Being able to train together as a family not only promotes physical fitness in our family but also strengthens the family bond. In today's fast-paced world, finding quality family time can be a challenge.
    Lastly, it's worth noting the courteous and supportive nature of the club's trainers and administrative staff.
  • Avatar Clarence Anthony ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Savy has been training for 2 years now. I have seen an impressive transformation during that time . In her first few months she was easily distracted ,fidgety and at times had to drag her to class. 2 years on she is so focused in and out … More of class , motivated ,confident and looks forward to her classes . Thank you Stacy and team for all you have done .
  • Avatar Justin Diggelmann ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    Excellent karate club with top quality professional instructor.
    Very high technical standard and fully equipped.
  • Avatar Steve Gago ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Amazing team highly recommend

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Frequently asked questions


What times are the classes?

You can access the full timetable HERE

What are your class sizes?

Class sizes vary throughout each program and peak time. We abide by recommended instructor ratios which are as follows: kids classes ratio is 15:1 and for general classes it is usually 20:1.

How much will it cost after the offer?

The cost depends on the membership package you have chosen. Our most popular option for the younger kids is one class per week at $25 / week.

Do you offer family discounts?

Yes we do. We offer discounts for family members.

Do I need to be fit to start?

Absolutely not. Karate is a personal endeavour and every student is encouraged to participate at their own pace, with no expectation of fitness or ability.

What are the main features of the Goshukan Karate Academy program for adults?

Our martial arts program allows you to engage with welcoming, family-friendly instructors, environment, and culture. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable when taking classes. We help you train as well as grade up to get a Black Belt or more. Because we know that you may be busy with other activities, we ensure complete flexibility in accessing classes. You can attend the classes according to your schedule. Our state-of-art facility gives you the best environment to learn karate. And to demonstrate this, we are affiliated with the Australasian Federation of Traditional Karate and Kobudo (AFTK), Japan Karate Federation (JKF) GojuKai, and the NSW. 

The Goshukan Karate Academy program is designed to allow you to learn karate as well as build strength of body, mind, and spirit. Learning martial arts with us helps you build confidence and feel empowered to reach your goals. When you enrol with us, you will get the opportunity to learn vital skills to defend not only yourself but also your family. You are also able to release suppressed energy and get refreshed to face day to day challenges with energy and vitality.

Why should I start karate?

Karate isn’t just about physical training. There are many things you gain from learning martial arts. You build strength in body, spirit, and mind. Besides, you gain confidence in yourself meaning you are able to face challenges and resolve problems amicably. In addition, learning karate allows you to build social skills, get the skills and tactics to defend yourself and your family, and reduce stress.  You also learn how you can channel your feelings and aggression. You gain focus in life and can approach issues with a lot of understanding and determination.

Do I need to have martial arts experience to join your school?

No, you don’t need to have prior experience in martial arts to join Goshukan Karate Academy. That being said, if you have any experience in martial arts, you can still join our school.

Will Karate help me reduce stress?

Yes, karate can help you reduce stress. The physical training involved in martial arts allows you to drain away the day to day stress allowing you to improve your psychological and mental wellness.

Is it worth it to enrol in a martial arts program if our schedule only allows for participation once a week?

We understand that for some people, they may have tight schedules meaning they have limited time to attend classes. This is why we offer flexible classes where you can have the training at your own pace.

Are there many injuries with the training?

Any activity can present a risk of injury, but in martial arts training, if done under a qualified instructor, you find that it’s much safer than many other activities. In fact, martial arts training has roughly a seventh fewer injuries compared to soccer, twenty-third fewer injuries when compared to bicycling, and twenty-fourth fewer injuries when compared to basketball.

When do I need to have my own uniform?

You are required to have your own uniform when you decide that you will enrol for the classes.

What do I call the teacher?

You call the teacher, Sensei.

What should I look for in a Martial Arts School?

When looking for a martial arts school it’s important you get a good instructor. Not all instructors are the same; you need to determine their qualifications, ease to work with, and welcoming. You may want to see a real class to discover how an instructor interacts with their students.

Am I too old to start?

If you can walk onto the mats you can train in Martial Arts! We have had people start training well into their 50’s and even 60+!

Can my whole family have a class at the same time?

Yes, we have the option of a family class in which parents train in the same class as their kids, provided the kids are not too young. We have found that kids under 9yrs are much more suited to training within their own age group so that they learn and develop according to their needs.  We have plenty of parents that train with their teenager children and find this is such a terrific way for the parents and kids to bond – learning karate and training in the same class together! 

How long will it take for me to get to Black Belt?

It takes approx. 4-5 years to get black belt, depending on how many times you train a week and how committed you are to your improvement.

Can I have a free trial class?

We have a trial offer for the adult beginners. Our introductory trial offer gives you 4 classes plus a free karate uniform. It’s the best way to try karate out without having to commit to it up front. 

Am I too old to start karate?

When it comes to learning martial arts at Goshukan Karate Academy there isn’t an age barrier. Sometimes, you may feel that you are too old or you are too unfit to learn martial arts, but that’s not the case. You don’t have to have this kind of perception. We take care of your needs depending on your age. Also, you don’t have to feel that you will be the only beginner in a karate class. Everybody started somewhere to reach the level they are today in their karate training. So this is your chance to step in and start learning. It’s never too late to start learning martial arts. Do away with those fears that are trying to get your way and discover who martial arts can transform your life.

Do I have to fight?

Sparring (Kumite) is something that all karate students can do once they reach their first level of yellow belt. You will be exposed to controlled (non-contact) sparring where you can start to use your basic techniques to help you develop a good sense of kumite and apply your skills in this part of your training.

Do you offer customised group self-defence programs?

Depending on the age and physical fitness of individuals, we offer customised group self-defence programs to ensure that the learners get the most of their martial arts training. We group the learners into personalised, small group settings.

Should I get in shape before joining?

You don’t have to be in great shape in order to join our classes. Karate is considered a personal endeavour and you aren’t competing to fit. You are developing important skills that you can apply in the future. We encourage you to take part in karate at your own pace, so there are no expectations of ability or fitness to join our karate classes.

May I visit your school before trying a class?

Absolutely yes, you can visit our school to see our facilities and the environment you will be training in. This way, you are able to make an informed decision and ask questions.

Do we learn to use weapons?

Technically no, however, if you do Kobudo, you will learn to use weapons. Ideally, karate means “empty hand”, so you won’t be taught any weapons in our classes. 

Why must I Bow?

Bowing shows a sign of respect and humility and it’s one of the languages of martial arts.

How much does the uniform cost?

Our karate uniform costs $60 however, you can get the uniform as part of the package you purchase.

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