Kids karate training offers unique activity that embraces the positive building blocks of character development, physical development, and emotional development in all children. It combines the practice of martial arts techniques with valuable life skills to create a rewarding and enriching training experience whilst building kids up to become strong adults.

We Believe That Every Child Has The Right To Feel Safe, To Be Confident, And To Be A Brave Little Champion!

The Karate Kids program will give your children amazing life skills:
  • Develop discipline through listening, focus and awareness skills
  • Build on their confidence and self esteem
  • Develop gross motor skills
  • Improve coordination & balance
  • Develop Independent thinking skills
  • Learn safety awareness strategies
  • Build respect for self and other
  • Develop a positive mind set

Get 4 Classes + FREE Uniform for $39.95!

Get 4 Classes Plus FREE Uniform $39.95 (Total value $160)

We Are Here To Help You Achieve Your Goals Of Raising Happy, Confident, And Caring Children.

Our Karate Kids Program develops valuable life skills that empower your child to become confident, focused, and resilient little champions.

The program is designed and suitable for all children aged 4+ years using activity based learning techniques that teach them practical skills whilst building up their mind set and confidence levels.

Our instructors are passionate about the life skills that karate training instills in children. We provide a safe, welcoming, nurturing environment where all our students feel inspired and empowered to reach their maximum potential as young adults.

All classes are limited to a 12:1 ratio so that your child will gain maximum benefit from their training.

Give Your Child The Skills Needed To Succeed in Life

  • We offer a welcoming, family-friendly environment, instructors and culture that makes our Academy a highly regarded school in the martial arts community.
  • Before they even throw a punch, all children are taught the very basics of confidence and self-worth, including holding eye contact, vocal training, stance and posture.
  • The progressive curriculum evolves to help creating a more disciplined and focused child full of self-respect and respect for others.
  • Introduction to themes including: What to do in an emergency, stranger danger, street awareness and bully busting.

Your child will learn invaluable life skills and foster healthy habits in fun, action packed and engaging classes.

Get 4 Classes + FREE Uniform for $39.95!

Get 4 Classes Plus FREE Uniform $39.95 (Total value $160)

Our karate academy locations


Seven Hills

3/17 Stanton Road
Seven Hills NSW 2147
View Karate Seven Hills


Unit 4 / 1 Field Close
Moorebank  NSW 2170
View Karate Liverpool

Gold Coast

180 Monaco Street
Broadbeach Waters QLD 4218
View Karate Gold Coast

Clear Island Waters

Casey Hall St.Vincents School
22 Fairway Dr, Clear Island Waters QLD 4226
View Karate Clear Island Waters


Pimpama Sports Hub
139 Rifle Range Rd Pimpama QLD 4209
View Karate Pimpama

Forrest, ACT

Forrest Primary School
9 Hobart Ave, Forrest ACT
View Karate Canberra

Pearce, ACT

The Pearce Centre,
Collett Place, Pearce ACT
View Karate Canberra

What our members have to say about us


Goshukan Karate Academy IconGoshukan Karate Academy

3/17 Stanton Road, Seven Hills

5.0 191 reviews

  • Avatar Eri TaTi ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    ⭐We highly recommend Goshukan Karate Academy.
    🥋We have both our daughters attending for the last 2 years.
    ⭐Shihan Stacey and his team are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.
    🥋We have never hesitated to leave our daughters for lessons,
    … More knowing it is a safe and friendly environment.
    ⭐ We are very happy with choosing Goshukan Karate Academy
  • Avatar Christina Davidson ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    I can not recommend Goshukan Karate Academy enough! They embraced my son with welcome arms and all staff have a unique ability in captivating not only my ADHD son's attention but all kids. Its been such a pleasure to watch him thrive … More with their support and dedication. My youngest son who is soon to be three is very keen to join as he is also intrigued with what they do.
  • Avatar Pavani Landa ★★★★★ a month ago
    My son has been learning karate from 2years in Goshukan Karate Academy. This has build confidence in him and he feels very secured. The instructors are very friendly and supportive. This place is not just learning karate but also has some … More fun activities to encourage the kids. Highly recommend it to everyone.
  • Avatar Dulanjalie Amaratunga ★★★★★ a month ago
    My daughter absolutely loves her Karate sessions at Goshukan Academy. Stacey, Nick and all the instructors are so nice and patient with the kids. I'm there sitting through each class and I can see how much they truly care about the … More students. They make it really fun too and the kids absolutely enjoy learning the skills.
    It's such a comfortable space, I even bring along my 1.5 year old son with me while we sit and wait. My daughter has benefited so much from going to Goshukan not only in her Karate but also in her focus skills, team work and respect for herself and others.
    I truly believe Goshukan Academy is one of a kind and I am so thankful to Stacey and Nick for the wonderful wonderful work they are doing.
    I definitely recommend this center for all kids as they cater for every single student individually making sure each student gains the best.
  • Avatar Benno Oh ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    We've had an amazing experience at Goshukan Karate Academy! The instructors are fantastic, truly engaging with the kids and creating a safe environment where they can grow and develop. They strike a perfect balance between teaching … More discipline, karate techniques, and keeping the classes fun and engaging. Our kids absolutely love going and always look forward to their next class. The experience has translated so well into adult classes that the whole family is now training here. Highly recommended!
  • Avatar Dan Paje ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    This has been a really great class thus far to improve both my fitness and confidence in myself! From just the physical training and being a lot more fitter and flexible than before, but the teachers and the people are great as well in … More training and to become great friends with!
  • Avatar R Gupta ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Shivansh has been attending the academy for a few years now, started with the junior program and is currently doing the senior kids program and it is amazing to see his growth over this period. Shihan & his team are doing a fantastic … More job with the kids, teaching them techniques, focus & discipline at the same time making it fun for them.
  • Avatar Ramya Dakshin ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    My son, Rishi has been attending classes here for almost a year and the improvements I see in him in respect to his body posture, discipline and the way he actively engages with everyone in this tight knit community is actually very good. … More I appreciate master and his team for the way they interact with these kids, how they know everyone by their names and the mutual respect they have for this class is commendable. Thank you for doing what you do and we appreciate it very much 👏🏼

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Frequently asked questions


What is the right age to start Karate?

Goshukan Karate Classes for Kids is a specialised program geared towards children aged 4 years old and upwards, designed as an introduction to kids martial arts.

Our Karate lessons for kids prepare young children for the challenges and rigours of the martial arts, as they continue to grow and develop both mentally and physically. Karate encourages the development of skills which can be applied to martial arts and everyday life, such as gross motor skills development, overall strength, balance, coordination, muscle awareness, confidence, and flexibility.

Looking for martial arts classes for kids near me? Click here to find out more about our kids academy classes and our Trial Offer.

What is the class duration?

Karate classes for kids at Goshukan Karate run for 30-45 minutes, depending on the age group. We focus on the development of the child’s personal discipline through awareness, listening and attention skills and find that the kids enjoy the class whilst developing their focu and confidence levels.

What times are the classes?

You can access the full timetable HERE

What are your class sizes?

Class sizes vary throughout each program and peak time. We abide by recommended instructor ratios which are as follows: kids classes ratio is 15:1 and for general classes it is usually 20:1.

How much will it cost after the offer?

The cost depends on the membership package you have chosen. Our most popular option for the younger kids is one class per week at $25 / week.

Do you offer family discounts?

Yes we do. We offer discounts for family members!

What do gradings cost?

Gradings are essential in the karate (pre-martial arts programs) and we use a simple yet effective grading system to provide the children a goal setting mechanism to show progress and advancement in their training. Grading fees for the Lil Ninja program (4-9yrs) are $50 and include the new belt. Gradings for the junior Karate program (10yrs +) are $60 and include the new belt.

Can my child have a free trial class?

We encourage first-timers to kids martial arts classes to try our classes with our introductory trial offer. This way the kids can experience 4 classes plus receive a FREE uniform, and just as importantly the parents can see how we run our club first hand and decide if they’d like to continue with our club after the trial ends. 

My child has never done karate before. Will he/she cope with the training?

We offer a safe, friendly, and motivating environment that encourages and enables all of our students to realise their full potential. Our teachers are passionate about developing your child’s confidence, physical strength, and emotional and mental skills for them to strive and succeed throughout their life.

What happens when we arrive for my child’s first lesson?

We encourage all new students wishing to attend our karate classes for kids to be 15 minutes early to meet with the instructor and be introduced to other students within the class. The instructor will explain to both the parents and the prospective student any “housekeeping” rules (such as bowing), the basic layout of the class, and answer any questions they may have to make them feel more at ease.

What if I just want to watch?

We welcome and encourage the parents of prospective and current students to watch their child’s first lesson (and every and any lesson thereafter), but note that guests are not permitted on the training floor. We actively promote a strong parent-instructor relationship for the benefit of the child and their progress. We ensure you the peace of mind to rest assured that your child is in safe hands.

What should my child wear?

The Trial Offer of 4 classes + a Free Uniform takes care of that. All new beginner students receive their karate uniform at their first class so they feel a part of the class from their very first lesson. 

How do I choose the uniform size for my child?

The uniforms come in standard sizes based on your child’s height. Your instructor is best placed to assist you in choosing the right uniform size for your child.

What qualifications or licences do your instructors have?

Yes. All teachers have Nationally recognised coaching qualifications, as well as being first aid trained and have Working With Children Checks. We are also a member of the Australasian Federation of Traditional Karate and Kobudo (AFTK).

What safety measures/features do you have at Karate for Kids?

We take our duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of all our students seriously, especially our Karate for kids classes. In addition:

  • Our classes are held in a child-safe room with equipment certified as safe to use with and for children

  • The training area is properly sanitised and cleaned with commercial-grade and eco-friendly cleaning equipment.

  • All teachers have recognised coaching qualifications, as well as being first aid trained and have valid and current Working With Children Checks and First Aid Certificates.

  • The children are regularly familiarised with the training equipment they will use and monitor that their use it proper and appropriate

  • Instructors take time to demonstrate and clarify the self-defence movements prior to the students attempting the move

  • elf-defence education and any floor work (such as rolls) are performed on thick, martial-arts tailored mats to protect the student’s health and safety.

What will my child learn in martial arts?

Your child will learn the 3 “Ks” of Goshukan Karate Academy:

  • Kihon (basics) – the fundamentals of Karate such as kicks, blocks, punches and stances

  • Kata (forms) – a stylised simulation of combat with an “imaginary” opponent which follows a structured sequence of movements 

  • Kumite (sparring) – translated from Japanese to English as “grappling hands”, Kumite is the application of Kihon and Kata against a real opponent. For our karate classes for kids, the Kumite is fully supervised by one or more senior instructors (such as a Sensei and Sempai) who will monitor the safety of each student. 

In addition to self-defence techniques above, Goshukan Karate Academy teaches important life skills and positive attitudes which a child will continue to develop and use throughout their adolescent and adult  lives, such as:

  • Discipline, 

  • Self-control and Conflict Resolution, 

  • Mental Fortitude, 

  • Self-confidence,

  • Respect, Honour and Active Listening.

Will my child become too aggressive?

It is a common misconception that children enrolling in martial arts classes for kids will become uncharacteristically aggressive. However, the truth is quite the opposite. 

As mentioned in “What will my child learn in the martial arts?” above, Goshukan Karate Academy teaches your child to be respectful of others through discipline and increased self-esteem. Karate (and martial arts, in general) is known to promote key positive psychological development points such as confidence, focus and concentration, a positive attitude and even leadership qualities such as independent thinking, humility, and patience.

How many classes per week should my kid attend?

For our Lil Ninja programs, we encourage all our students to attend 1 class per week.. Junior karate and teens (10+ years) are encouraged to attend 1-2 classes per week to maximise the benefits and to better understand and develop the technicalities and mindset of Goshukan Karate Academy. By getting your kids into a regular routine in attending Karate classes, they will not see Karate as a chore, but rather as part of their daily lives.

Do you offer makeup lessons?

Yes, we do offer makeup classes for classes that are missed due to sickness or being away (like family holidays).

What should I look for in a Martial Arts School?

  • Well-trained Instructors

Our instructors are passionate about karate, and they take their own training and self-development in the art very seriously. Goshukan Karate KIDS instructors enjoy teaching children and share their passion to build strength and confidence through the art of karate.

As a Karate school, we are a member of the NSW and Australasian Federation of Traditional Karate and Kobudo (AFTK), the government recognised Karate bodies. We are also a member of the Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Goju Kai.

  • Location convenient for you and your child

Many parents of our students begin their child’s Goshukan KarateAcademy journey simply searching for “karate classes for kids near me” or  “martial arts for kids near me” online for convenience. It may be common sense to many but finding karate classes for kids close to where you live takes away the time constraint on getting your kids to class, especially if it’s somewhere close to school and home. That being said, we have many students travelling from all over Sydney for karate lessons for kids at Goshukan Karate Academy.

How hard will you push them?

Students are taught in a safe, encouraging and supportive environment and everyone is treated with absolute respect, where all our students feel inspired and empowered to reach their maximum potential as young adults.

We understand that children, especially those who attend our kids’ karate classes should be positively motivated and reassured – not pushed and pressured. Goshukan Karate Academy believes in a nurturing, supportive, and motivating environment for our students to maximise the “fun factor” whilst still instilling the principles of martial arts.

What if my child wants to quit?

We understand that it can be challenging for a young child to commit to the rigours of Karate classes for kids, but like many things in life: Consistency is key. 

We always encourage our student’s parents to speak with their kids and understand the underlying cause as to “why” they want to quit. It may be something as simple as spending more time with their friends, wanting to play video games, or potentially to take a short break due to increased homework load. 

Whatever the reason may be, we understand and encourage you to speak with one of our instructors first before making the decision to stop their classes..

By encouraging your child to see things through, you are helping us instil a sense of discipline, dedication and commitment to a goal which will speak volumes for the child’s development into a well-rounded adolescent and adult later in life.

Is there free parking at each location?

There is usually free street parking around each location. We recommend contacting the relevant Goshukan Karate Academy and/or checking Google Maps you are interested in enrolling your child in to confirm the best parking location close to the training centre. 

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