About Goshukan Karate Academy

Our purpose is to provide a nurturing, inspiring environment where we can effectively  share the level of knowledge and training needed to guide our students to mastering the true art of Karate.

Goshukan Karate Academy is part of the Seiwakai Goju Ryu Karate-Do organisation, one of the member organisations of the Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Goju Kai.

The name ‘Goshukan’ was name given to Stacey Karetsian Shihan in 2007 by the Founder of Seiwakai Goju Ryu, Tsuji Tasaki Hanshi. Tasaki was known as Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei’s top student. He was a revered and extraordinary fighter and student of karate at that time. Yamaguchi would call him Goshu (a nick name).

Stacey has an extensive background in karate dating back to when he first started training in Shotokan (JKA) in 1984. He has been studying Goju Ryu since 2001, adopting technique and kata to inspire and help to grow the club he was a part of (GKR) for over 25 years. His passion for knowledge and constant improvement has lead him to take the next level in his personal development in the art, and to share this with others who share the same passion.

Whether in the dojo or in life, we must keep what is useful (positive) and remove what is useless (negative). Karate mastery can only be attained through proper application of technique, training dedicated to developing strength of mind and body, understanding and consistent execution of ‘Kaizen’ – Constant and never ending improvement. We adopt this principle so that we never stop growing, never stop learning.


At Goshukan we follow the traditional Martial Art learning model of Shuhari, the 3 stages of learning that take a student from a beginner to mastery. This philosophy is to understand the meaning of every training technique, appreciate its true form and commit it to muscle memory and ultimately our instinct. This means developing good training habits based on purpose, accurate technique and repetition.


This is our philosophy to training, and adopting the right training methods for improving our life through the development of mindset, fighting skills, and humility.

We focus on training with purpose and understanding the meaning of our training technique, and that develops a sense of personal awareness that is impactful in all areas of our training. When you train the right way, you will develop good habits. These habits will become your instincts. So it is vital that we learn to train with correct technique so that we develop habits that serve us.

We are fighting two battles – internal and external. The inner fight is to overcome self doubt, build up our self worth, have certainty of the person that we are and are becoming. The outer fight is that sense of having strength and fighting skill, to build confidence and inner security. We absolutely must consider the reality of what we are practicing every time we train. We have to appreciate the immense personal responsibility we are placing ourselves in when we are learning a martial art. The thing that we don’t want to do is to gain a false sense of confidence. This is not useful – it will not allow us to gain maximum inner strength.

Goshukan Karate Academy has adopted the symbol of Strength (Chikara) to identify the heart and soul (our purpose) of the club.

The focus is to build people up – to give them both the nurturing environment and the skills and tools to learn and develop fighting skills that will promote self confidence and humility – to inspire absolute strength of both mind and body.

We are teaching Next Level Karate. This is not about comparing styles or clubs, it is about what you can expect to get from your experience with training with our Academy. Whether it’s about your progress and personal development in the art, or how you adopt this attitude outside of the dojo and in all areas of your life – it’s about taking everything that you are and want to become to the next level.

Keep what’s useful, reject what isn’t – in the dojo and in life… Keep the positive, remove the negative.

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Shihan Stacey Karetsian

The pursuit of excellence and focus on constant improvement keeps us determined and inspired to continue to reach our maximum potential.

“My passion for teaching karate and developing people to become strong in all areas of their life has only intensified over the years as I have felt the personal changes within me. From my early days as a teenager I felt an inner strength, a quiet, humble, confidence and sense of self. I did not have to follow the crowd. I learnt to choose which path to follow based on my values and beliefs – all of which were instilled in me by my family up-bringing and my early karate training. As I have gained more experience, broadened my knowledge, and developed my skills, I have come to realise what is most important in the way of learning, teaching, and developing the core skill sets that are needed to build a strong, focused, confident self… all from studying karate as both an internal and external self development system. My focus is to continue my development, to seek more knowledge and understanding – to learn more, do more, become more – evolve.”

Stacey’s karate journey began in 1984, when as a 12 year old he and his two younger brothers were enrolled in the local Shotokan (Japan Karate Association) club. Stacey’s interest in karate evolved quickly and within 3 years he was awarded black belt (1986). As a junior black belt Stacey amassed multiple Regional, State and National titles, and in 1988 he represented Australia in the JKA World Shoto Cup.

Whilst studying Civil Engineering at the University of South Australia he started training with a new club (Go-Kan-Ryu Karate) and decided to make karate his profession after completing his degree. In 1994 he moved to Sydney and started working with GKR Karate. His karate and leadership skills were noted and was promoted in 1996 to Senior Instructor (NSW/ACT), and again in 2000 to Assistant Chief Instructor / Executive Vice President.

“At 12 years of age I was taken to my first ever karate class at the local Shotokan Karate Club. I fell in love with karate – the dojo etiquette, the respect and courtesy, the mystery of becoming a black belt ‘master’.”

In 2001 Stacey met with senior instructors from Seiwakai Goju Ryu and formed an alliance that would see GKR members take regular trips to Japan to help further knowledge and ties with the Seiwakai Organisation. On their first trip to Chiba, Japan they were introduced to Mr Tasaki (Founder and President of Seiwakai Goju Ryu) and Mr Fujiwara (Vice President Seiwakai Goju Ryu).

Stacey’s love of both Shotokan (Shuri-te) and later the Goju (Naha-te) styles allowed him to greatly advance his knowledge and skills, which influenced the advancement of the kata in the GKR syllabus as well as steer the Goju element of the club towards what was being taught in Japan. His influence and technical prowess was noticed by the Founder of Seiwakai (Shuji Tasaki) and in 2007 Stacey was awarded 5th Dan Seiwakai by Mr Tasaki, and was given the name Goshukan. This was the link that allowed GKR’s students the opportunity to travel to Japan and compete in the All Japan JKF Goju Kai Championships that are held yearly.

In 2013, Stacey was awarded the rank of Renshi in Seiwakai and in the JKF Goju Kai (one of first group of 3 Renshi to be awarded in Australia).

In 2014, Stacey graded to 6th Dan in Seiwakai Goju Ryu, and was successful in achieving 6th Dan with the JKF Goju Kai just 3 days later in Sendai, Japan.

In 2018, Stacey was awarded the rank of Kyoshi in Seiwakai Goju Ryu. 

In order to maximise the benefits of learning a martial art like Karate, we must look to question everything that we do. If it works, keep it. If it doesn’t, remove it. So we now remove the unnecessary training methods and put more emphasis on what works, what is effective and efficient. All training must be purpose driven. If a drill or exercise does is not principle based, and does not serve a purpose in the context of what training philosophy or result we are seeking to define, then why do it? Why spend time training our mind and body to do something that has no practical use for us? This mentality creates an awareness within us that seeks to question what we do, so that we are always gauging the process and the progress of our training and development.

Stacey Karetsian Shihan
Chief Instructor – Goshukan Karate Academy
6th Dan Renshi JKF Goju Kai

Japan Karate do Federation

The History of Goju-Ryu

The origins of karate-do date back to the ancient travels of Buddhist monks throughout the Asian Frontier. Unarmed and oppressed, it became necessary for them to develop a form of self-defence for their survival. Merchants travelling south from China to the Ryukku Islands (Okinawa) brought with them this art of the “Chinese Hand” to To-De (later to be called Karate – empty hand).

During this time, Japan invaded these islands and its warriors found themselves confronted by the fierce retaliation of skilled practitioners of this secret art. In the late 19th Century an enthusiastic Okinawan youngster by the name of Chojun Miyagi, became well skilled in the art and was determined to know more. He was advised to travel to China to study the many different methods of martial arts. His search led him to the hard school of Shaolin Chuan, the soft school of Pakua Chan, and from these two he developed his own style of Goju (Hard – Soft). He advocated that both the hard and soft complimented each other and he created the Sanchin and Tensho kata, a formal exercise which combined both these elements.

One of Miyagi’s students was a young man who was agile, fast and had a reputation for being a deceptive fighter, giving no ground to any adversary. He was known as the “Cat”, because of his favourite fighting stance – Neko Ashi Dachi (cat stance). His name was Gogen Yamaguchi. He soon proved to be a man of credibility and initiative and became highly respected in Karate circles in Japan.

Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Goju Kai

The Japan Karate-do Federation was established in 1964 to organise and oversee all styles of traditional Japanese Karate. This organisation is part of Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (文部科学省 Monbu-kagaku-shō). It is led by a member of Cabinet who is selected by Japan’s Prime Minister.

The vast majority of traditional Goju Ryu organisations are members of the JKF Goju Kai. This organisation seeks to preserve and perpetuate the style of karate that was developed in Okinawa, Japan by Mr. Chojun Miyagi. Seiwakai is one of the 13 member organisations of the JKF Goju Kai.

Mr. Shuji Tasaki, Hanshi (1933 – 2011) is the Founder of Seiwakai Goju Ryu. He began training in Goju Ryu in 1952 under the tutelage of Gogen Yamaguchi. In 1971 he formed Seiwakai. Mr. Tasaki was a 9th Dan in both the JKF Goju Kai and the Seiwakai.

Mr. Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi is the President and Chief Instructor of Seiwakai Goju Ryu international. He holds an 8th Dan with the JKF Goju Kai and currently serves as the Head of Overseas Committee.

Shuhari – The Journey To Mastery


The Karate journey follows three stages – learning the basics, putting the basics into fighting forms, and ultimately absorbing the forms into our reflexes, muscle memory and spirit. Shuhari is a Japanese martial art concept that clearly describes these stages of learning to mastery.

The Goshukan Karate Academy philosophy is to understand the meaning of every training technique, essentialise its true form, commit it to muscle memory and ultimately our instincts. This means developing good training habits based on purpose, accurate technique and repetition. This can only be attained through the appreciation, understanding and deliberate execution of ‘Kaizen’ – Constant and never ending improvement – Never stop growing, never stop learning.

When we train, we pass through the stages of shu, ha, and ri. In shu, we repeat the basic technique and forms and discipline ourselves so that our bodies absorb the technique that are being taught by the Teacher – we remain faithful to these forms with no deviation. Next, in the stage of ha, once we have disciplined ourselves to acquire the forms and movements, we make innovations – we have a level of conscious competence and we begin the process of adding personal interpretation in the movement through expression of the art that we are developing. Finally, in ri, we have developed a level of ‘mastery’ – we open the door to creative technique, and arrive in a place where we no longer have to think, we act entirely spontaneously.


Imitation. This is the first stage of learning typified by strict memorisation and copying of the Sensei. We repeat the technique and discipline ourselves so that our bodies absorb what is being taught – we remain faithful to these forms with no deviation.


Exploration. Once we have disciplined ourselves to acquire technique and form, we make innovations – we have a level of conscious competence and we begin the process of adding personal interpretation in the movement through expression of the art that we are developing. We learn to flow – we develop movement that is no longer one dimensional and mechanical. It begins to feel like we are in control, calm.


Breaking Free. We have developed a level of ‘mastery’. We open the door to creative technique, and arrive in a place where we no longer have to think, we act entirely spontaneously. We are truly in the art form now. It looks effortless, flowing technique that has grace, beauty, power. The movement become like art.



Allan Dabbagh

Stacey Karetsian, is undoubtedly one of the best Karate exponents in Australia. His natural ability and dedication has seen him grade in Australia and Japan in Both Seiwakai and JKF and he is one of the highest grades in Goju Karate system.

His skills are phenomenal and his movement in both Kata and Kumite is something to be seen. If you are looking for the next level of Karate training, I highly recommend joining his Black Belt only classes. You won't be disappointed.

Allan Dabbagh


Rob Donnison

I've trained with Shihan on many an occasion, I was proud and honoured to be awarded my black belt by him. He is an exceptional instructor who not only makes training interesting but fun too. His only fault is I don't think he ever really understood the Geordie accent. May you go from strength to strength Stacey karetsian, and I hope you eventually make it to the UK!

Rob Donnison


Davy Wijaya

I highly recommend to take a class and be open minded of the possibility that you will learn from it. Is it self defence or fitness that you’re looking at to achieve... Well I’m sure you will achieve it here. Now me & my family has started Goshukan Karate.
We are Loving it! The question is when will you?
Give the best gift for your child or your self...

Davy Wijaya


Bronson Stanley

Shihan Stacey Karetsian has been an absolute blessing to Karate in Australia. His uplifting humble attitude and vision for not only himself but those he trains and stands beside is obvious if you are ever fortunate enough to be grace with his presence. I would highly recommend you attend his class if you are that someone who is pursuing martial arts with a goal to be the best you can be. Thank you Shihan or should I now say Goshukan Kancho Karetsian for your past teachings. I look forward to training with you again soon.

Bronson Stanley


Nick Naudy

I have trained with Shihan Stacey Karetsian many times over the years , he’s not only an outstanding Karateka but also a great teacher and communicator , friendly and humble.... one of the best in Australia!

Nick Naudy


Stephanie Johansen

Great people, great karate! Highly recommend Goshukan!

Stephanie Johansen


Trevor Angrave

I have trained with Shihan Stacey on many occasions, such great classes and tuition he has awesome karate you will never regret training with him.
A great man and great karateka. I have utmost Respect for Shihan.

Trevor Angrave


David John Owen Baldwin

My wife and I have had the pleasure of Training with Shihan Stacey Karetsian over several years and can tell you he is one of the highest quality standard instructors worldwide an inspirational instructor and Leader.

David John Owen Baldwin


Andrew Davidson

Excellent karate training for adults and children.

Andrew Davidson


Adam Glyn Bellwood

Best teacher you could ever ask for both mind soul and karate.

Adam Glyn Bellwood

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