Our purpose is to provide a nurturing, inspiring environment where we can effectively
share the level of knowledge and training needed to guide our students to mastering the true art of Karate.


There is no hiding the fact that Karate is a fighting technique that comes with many side benefits. Our ‘Train the way you fight, fight the way you train’ concept means we teach Karate that works, no wasted effort, no irrelevant techniques… just pure, effective Karate. The physical training will make you strong in mind and body, the learned fighting skill will make you effective, confident and humble and have a powerful, positive, calming effect on your entire life.


If you have been considering joining a karate club we invite you to come and meet us, and see for yourself if what we do is right for you. We run a beginners self defence program that provides new students a great introduction to the benefits of karate training. Our classes are run by professional instructors in a welcoming, safe, inspiring and empowering environment. From the first lesson you will begin to learn self defence principles and practical techniques to get you on your way to developing skills and building total strength of mind and body for life!

If you want to learn more, or get started, contact us.


If you have experience in a traditional karate style, especially one with a Naha-te (Goju) foundation, then you have most likely developed skills that are consistent with what we do. Karate training at its core is about learning to follow principles of movement and develop essential techniques and skills. If you are looking for a traditional karate style with modern training philosophy to strengthen your mind and body and develop real Karate skills, we believe that you will find what you are looking for here at Goshukan Karate Academy.

If you would like to find out more, contact us.

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