The 3 Principles of Self-Defence

These 3 principles are used to establish good awareness and training habits. It is essential that we have rules to work by, similar to a formula or recipe. Whether we are practicing basics, kata, or kumite (fighting). 

Awareness: both Mental And Physical awareness. Being aware of your surroundings, environment, stance, stability and balance. Keep your guard up! Know where to strike for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Having awareness is the first step to greatness!

Push-Pull: Effective body movement. Equal and opposite forces to maximise power and control the situation. Just about everything that we do in karate involves technique over strength. This is great to know because for the first time you won’t need to be bigger and stronger to be better! This principle will show you just how effective techniques can be to overcome brute strength.

Ki-Me: Train the way you fight! This is all about having total and absolute 100% focus in your training. Everything we do must include whole body movement and involvement to gain maximum power! When we practice with purpose, our skills are sharp should we ever need to use them.

These principles are there to inspire us to train with more intent. No matter what we do, if there’s no purpose behind it, there’s no motivation. We loose track of why we are doing what we do and that derails us from doing it. 

This is why effective Karate Training improves our overall mental and physical FOCUS, it pushes us to become more disciplined, more determined, and helps us to take on all challenges we face with a never give up attitude!