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Give your Child the GIFT of CONFIDENCE!


Join us for 4 classes and discover just how karate training with Goshukan Karate Academy can help to build your child's CONFIDENCE!  

For just $39.95 your child will get to
  • Develop discipline through listening, focus and awareness skills
  • Build on their confidence and self esteem
  • Develop gross motor skills
  • Improve coordination & balance
  • Develop Independent thinking skills
  • Learn safety awareness strategies
  • Build respect for self and others
  • Develop a positive mind set

We Are Here To Help You Achieve Your Goals Of Raising Happy, Confident, And Caring Children.

Happy, Confident, And Caring Children

Our Karate Kids Program develops valuable life skills that empower your child to become confident, focused, and resilient little champions.

The program is designed and suitable for all children aged 4+ years using activity based learning techniques that teach them practical skills whilst building up their mind set and confidence levels.

Our instructors are passionate about the life skills that karate training instills in children. We provide a safe, welcoming, nurturing environment where all our students feel inspired and empowered to reach their maximum potential as young adults.

All classes are limited to a 12:1 ratio so that your child will gain maximum benefit from their training.

​Give Your Children The Skills Needed To Really Succeed Through Life

​Give Your Children The Skills Needed To Really Succeed Through Life
  • We offer a welcoming, family-friendly environment, instructors and culture that makes our Academy a highly regarded school in the martial arts community.
  • Before they even throw a punch, all children are taught the very basics of confidence and self-worth, including holding eye contact, vocal training, stance and posture.
  • The progressive curriculum evolves to help creating a more disciplined and focused child full of self-respect and respect for others.
  • Introduction to themes including: What to do in an emergency, stranger danger, street awareness and bully busting.

Your child will learn invaluable life skills and foster healthy habits in fun, action packed and engaging classes.



Sez Heinemann

Amazing club. My son has come so far in the time he has been part of Goshukan. I would not have him train anywhere else. Amazing inspirational people. Shihan is one of a kind.

Sez Heinemann


Davy Wijaya

I highly recommend to take a class and be open minded of the possibility that you will learn from it. Is it self defence or fitness that you’re looking at to achieve... Well I’m sure you will achieve it here. Now me & my family has started Goshukan Karate.
We are Loving it! The question is when will you?
Give the best gift for your child or your self...

Davy Wijaya


Glenn Stephenson

Chief Instructor Stacey Karetsian one of the highest graded Goju Karate Instructors and such a down to earth person well worth it to train with his group.

Glenn Stephenson

​Don’t You Worry About A Thing

There is no obligation to continue past the lessons! Plus - if you’re not 100% satisfied after training in our program, we’ll give you your money back…GUARANTEED!

But be quick! This special offer is only for a limited time.

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