5 Reasons Why Children Must Learn Karate

1. They will build Self-Confidence

Karate is the perfect training environment for children to build confidence and self-esteem. Even though karate does not condone violence, it does teach children to defend themselves in the event they are attacked. This empowers children who don’t have a lot of confidence, and may even be the target of schoolyard bullies.
We find that nothing is more important to a child’s development than having a healthy self esteem. There is no price that a parent would put on this one major skill set that sets the solid foundation for life.

2. They will develop Resilience

Kids Karate training develops resilience by helping children overcome set backs and accept and take on new challenges. They develop skills to understand the difference between failing and giving up. Regular karate training puts students under a learning environment and a major part of learning is growing through trying new things. This builds mental toughness. The dojo (training hall) is a place where we are encouraged to try new skills, knowing that we must be prepared to make mistakes and appreciate that there is no progress without first trying and even making mistakes. We can only learn through making mistakes, the the dojo is that safe place that children can learn to build new skills, and overcome set backs, and become more resilient individuals.

3. They will develop Persistence

Karate training develops a ‘never give up’ attitude. Children that do karate learn to set a task or goal, and focus on its achievement until it is realised. Persistence is such a valuable life skill that can translate into school work, community participation, and of course lead onto far greater outcomes after the child leaves school to enter the work force. This is especially relevant in karate training with how the grading system has been set up. Every belt achieved is a new level of growth on a child’s karate journey. It takes setting the goal, understanding what it will take to reach it, and having the discipline and motivation to stay on track, to stay focused, and take action in the pursuit of the goal.

4. They will develop Independent Thinking

When a child has confidence in themselves, they know who they are, what they value, and what they will stand for. Karate Kids will be a lot less susceptible to peer pressure, especially when it involves negative thinking and activity that they know is not going to be helpful. They will develop a ‘follow the herd’ mentality. Children who are mentally tough are more inclined to make their own good choices.

5. They will develop a Happy Positive Disposition

Above all, regular Karate training will provide children a sense of inner peace, a positive attitude and will generally have a much happier disposition. Feeling good about themselves, having a positive mental attitude, a quiet yet resounding confidence, all combined will provide a healthy outlook. Small issues will remain small. Larger challenges will be looked at with a stronger mind set ,and challenges will be accepted with a greater sense of bravery and courage.

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What our members have to say about us


Goshukan Karate Academy IconGoshukan Karate Academy

3/17 Stanton Road, Seven Hills

5.0 109 reviews

  • Avatar Dan Paje ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    This has been a really great class thus far to improve both my fitness and confidence in myself! From just the physical training and being a lot more fitter and flexible than before, but the teachers and the people are great as well in … More training and to become great friends with!
  • Avatar R Gupta ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Shivansh has been attending the academy for a few years now, started with the junior program and is currently doing the senior kids program and it is amazing to see his growth over this period. Shihan & his team are doing a fantastic … More job with the kids, teaching them techniques, focus & discipline at the same time making it fun for them.
  • Avatar Ramya Dakshin ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    My son, Rishi has been attending classes here for almost a year and the improvements I see in him in respect to his body posture, discipline and the way he actively engages with everyone in this tight knit community is actually very good. … More I appreciate master and his team for the way they interact with these kids, how they know everyone by their names and the mutual respect they have for this class is commendable. Thank you for doing what you do and we appreciate it very much 👏🏼
  • Avatar George Amaladass ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Geoffrey was very weak and I thought he needs to improve his stamina but I didn't know what was the best way to do. As I was browsing around online, I came across Goshukan karate academy, Seven hills. With a lot of doubts I called … More them and asked as if they would accept my 6 years old playful son and put him under 8 year classes. Without any hesitant , they accepted him into their academy . Well, today after a year with them , I am proud to say that I can see a lot of improvements in him , physically and mentally . He is a good listener now. His stamina level has improved in which it helps him to do well in soccer . He is stronger and behaving well these days. I would recommend this academy to anyone who would like to have their kids grow well physically or mentally.
  • Avatar Huzefa Mansoor Ali ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Our whole family with kids has been attending Goshukan Karate Academy in Seven Hills for over a year and it has been such a positive experience for all of us.
    One of the standout features of the club is its well-structured training program.
    … More This structure not only provides a clear path for skill development but also ensures that students, including our kids, can progress at their own pace while mastering the fundamentals of karate. The classes are scheduled throughout the week. This availability makes it convenient for busy families like ours to find suitable training times. Our children have gained confidence, improved their standing and walking stance, and developed better behaviour through their karate training. These life skills are invaluable and will serve them well in various aspects of their lives. As a parent, witnessing such positive changes in our kids is incredibly rewarding, and it's a testament to the effectiveness of the training provided by the academy.
    Being able to train together as a family not only promotes physical fitness in our family but also strengthens the family bond. In today's fast-paced world, finding quality family time can be a challenge.
    Lastly, it's worth noting the courteous and supportive nature of the club's trainers and administrative staff.
  • Avatar Clarence Anthony ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Savy has been training for 2 years now. I have seen an impressive transformation during that time . In her first few months she was easily distracted ,fidgety and at times had to drag her to class. 2 years on she is so focused in and out … More of class , motivated ,confident and looks forward to her classes . Thank you Stacy and team for all you have done .
  • Avatar Justin Diggelmann ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    Excellent karate club with top quality professional instructor.
    Very high technical standard and fully equipped.
  • Avatar Steve Gago ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Amazing team highly recommend

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