• Martial Art training is a physical activity involving movement and exercise and as such is potentially dangerous.

  • Practising Martial Arts and self-defence techniques may involve training with a partner and contact with training equipment (including but not limited to punching, kicking, elbows and knees) and as such are potentially dangerous.

  • Members must abide by the code of conduct and rules of the club in regard to general training and in general terms both in and out of the dojo.

  • Members should consult their doctor before engaging in training if they have any concerns about the level of their health and fitness.


Maintain good personal hygiene

Good hygiene shows respect for others, helps to ensure everyone’s personal health, and creates a positive, courteous environment. Uniforms should be clean and neat. Keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed.

No jewellery

Please remove all jewellery when training. This is for the safety of yourself and fellow students in the class.

Be courteous, respectful, professional

Maintain courtesy and professionalism when dealing with any person within the academy. Conduct yourself in a formal, respectful manner at all times when in the Dojo. Unnecessary roughness, crude language, or display of ill-temper is forbidden.

Always train safely

We always strive to train in a manner that is safe and prevents injury. The best way to do that is to be cooperative and respectful to those around you. As well, if you have a physical condition that limits your ability to perform certain techniques, please let the instructor know.

No unnecessary contact

Students are to be careful not to make contact through neglect or carelessness. Contact due to carelessness is a serious offence.

No drugs or alcohol

No one under the influence alcohol or a prohibited substance may train or will be allowed to enter the training hall / dojo.


Bullying is regarded as the repeated oppression, psychological and / or physical, of a less powerful person by another person or group of persons. We consider all forms of bullying as an inappropriate behaviour and will take all allegations seriously.

Represent your club

Always conduct yourself in a manner befitting your art and your club. Refrain from making critical comments about other styles, students or instructors.



A person is entitled to pursue their own beliefs and standards without undue disruption and interference from others. These differences may arise through religion, personal values, gender or ethnicity. Instructors will be respectful, understanding and accommodating of these matters.

Care of Children

Parents entrust their children with our club, and Instructors and students must live up to that trust by ensuring that all behaviour towards children is entirely appropriate. By their nature children will view their Sensei as a leader and a person to be respected and in turn an Instructor will have earned this respect by the way the Instructor conducts himself or herself.

Sexual Harassment

Any form of sexual harassment is totally unacceptable. Sexual harassment can take the form of verbal comments concerning appearance, private life or other issues. It can take the form of unwanted physical contact, adult humour, double entendre etc. Although we do not seek to encroach on the normal social interplay between people, we must show respect for your fellow participants, and any form of sexual harassment runs completely counter to this and will not be tolerated.

Equal Opportunity

We will not tolerate discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, physical or mental handicap. At the same time our Instructors will be mindful of unique personal situations or medical conditions that may affect the safety and well being of other students. Any concerns of this nature are to be dealt with sensitively and reported to the Instructor at the earliest opportunity.


Photographs and videos may be made of your participation in any and all activities, including but not limited to classes, conducted by Goshukan Karate Academy. Photos and videos may be used for a range of purposes which may include, but not limited to, promotional print material, and any online / electronic material such as websites, social media. From the date they are taken, all photographs and videos become and remain the property of Goshukan Karate Academy.


We can be contacted on Info@goshukankarateacademy.com.au


The personal information of members, such as name, address and contact details are used to enable us to make contact with our members and provide them with information, promotions, updates and changes to class times or scheduling.

We will never knowingly disclose any information concerning any of our members to any other organisation.

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